The Curriculum

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The Complete French Expressions & Idioms Course will help you understand French more naturally. This book focuses on expressions & idioms from the most common verbs such as avoir, être, faire, etc. As well as everyday topics such as love, eating and drinking, money, work, and more. 

Each chapter focuses on a specific verb or a specific topic. Each chapter is broken down with exercises to make it easier for you to follow and digest.

This book is written for French learners of all levels and has been inspired by French learners. It’s the fifth book of the series after The Complete French Pronunciation CourseThe Complete French Conjugation CourseThe Complete French Grammar Course and The Complete French Vocabulary Course. Each book focuses on a specific part of the language, its rules, and exceptions. If you are starting French in school, learning by yourself as an adult, or want to brush up on your French, this is the perfect tool. This book and the others are ideal for self-study or as additional practice.

Videos and audios 

In this book, you will learn more than 1000 expressions & Idioms explained in 26 chapters, around 60 exercises, and 26 video lessons if you need a “teacher approach.” All the idioms, expressions, examples, and exercises have been recorded so you can work on your listening comprehension in your free time.

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The Complete French Expressions & Idioms Course will guide you and help you understand real everyday French.

The Lessons

  • Lesson 1: Avoir - To have
  • Lesson 2: Être - To be
  • Lesson 3: Aller - To go
  • Lesson 4: Faire - To do / To make
  • Lesson 5: Mettre - To put
  • Lesson 6: Prendre - To take
  • Lesson 7: L'amour - Love
  • Lesson 8: Manger & Boire - Eating & Drinking
  • Lesson 9: Le Temps - The Weather
  • Lesson 10: L'argent - Money 
  • Lesson 11: Le Temps - The Time
  • Lesson 12: Le Travail - Work
  • Lesson 13: Le Sommeil - Sleep
  • Lesson 14: La Santé - Health
  • Lesson 15: Incluant des Aliments - Including Food
  • Lesson 16: Incluant les Parties du Corps - Including Body Parts
  • Lesson 17: Incluant les Animaux - Including Animals
  • Lesson 18: Incluant les Couleurs - Including Colours
  • Lesson 19: Les Autres Expressions - Other Expressions
  • Lesson 20: Différentes façons de dire OUI - Other ways to say "Yes"
  • Lesson 21: Différentes façons de dire NON - Other ways to say "No"
  • Lesson 22: Différentes façons de dire MERCI - Other ways to say "thank you"
  • Lesson 23: Différentes façons de dire BONJOUR - Other ways to say "Hello"
  • Lesson 24: Différentes façons de dire AU REVOIR - Other ways to say "Goodbye"
  • Lesson 25: Différentes façons de dire DE RIEN - Other ways to say "you are welcome"
  • Lesson 26: French Filler Words